About Us

Our Story

"Bringing the Wisdom of Mother Nature to Life."

Yummy Mummy
Emporium & Apothecar

The wonderful gentle scent of various soaps, incense, & essential oils greets you as you peruse through shelves & baskets of cloth diapers, leg warmers, natural salves, balms, creams, and aromatherapy room mists, medicinal teas, handcrafted deodorant, toothsoap, the now famous bug off lotion and spray, sunscreen, amber teething jewellery, hazelwood jewellery for children and adults, crocheted creations, unique soaps, wool mama moon time cloth, handmade ribbon wands, hand knitted outfits for children, gently used clothing, hats, suspenders, bow ties,
soft or wooden toys, foot flowers, hair clips and other fantastic items,
homegrown, upcycled, crafted or found.

Our Promise to You

From humble beginnings and with a knowledge of nature, we offer unique remedies that are packed with healing plant medicine.

All Natural

Products and ingredients are carefully sourced. We pride ourselves on all natural product selection for maximum health.

Unique Blends

With natural knowledge and training, we source unique medicinal combinations that are designed to heal.

High Quality

Botanicals are sourced from highest quality ingredients. Our motivation is your better health and well being.

Toxin Free

We avoid all things toxic: parabens, bisphenols, dyes, synthetic fragrances & chemicals we know aren’t good for you.